What is Concentrated Juice? Are the Nutrients Also Concentrated?


What is Concentrated Juice?

Concentrated juice is made by using a low-temperature vacuum concentration method after fresh fruit is juiced, evaporating a portion of the juice's water content. In simple terms, it's the process of "removing water," and it's an intermediate product in the juice manufacturing process.


Is Concentrated Juice Nutritious?

Interested in knowing about the nutrition in concentrated juice? You must first understand that the nutrition in fresh juice primarily consists of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, with only avocado juice containing protein. The sugars in concentrated juice are preserved, but the processing may damage vitamins and enzymes. If other nutrients are needed for a product, juice manufacturers may add them separately, giving the concentrated juice its unique characteristics. Nowadays, people are concerned about both taste and health. Our product's feature is retaining the fruit's pulp and fiber, so you only need to be mindful of not consuming excessive sugars.


Why Can Concentrated Juice Last So Long?

The primary reason is to increase the shelf life using high concentrations of sugar and antioxidants. When stored in a cool place, it can typically last 1 to 2 years. Therefore, concentrated juice doesn't extend its shelf life by adding preservatives but by adding sugar to lower water activity, making it less conducive for microbial growth. Because it's very sweet, it needs to be diluted when consumed. Sweetness is subjective, so we recommend that businesses experiment to find the "golden ratio" for their beverages. Concentrated juice is our flagship product, and if you're unsure about the dilution ratio, our experts can provide you with the basic proportions for adjustment to ensure beverage quality remains consistent.


Common Concentrated Juice Preparation Methods

Freezing Concentration Method

The juice is first frozen, and then pressure is used to sublime the water content within the juice. The advantages of this concentration method are that it preserves the nutritional value and original flavor of the fruit due to the low temperature. However, it has higher processing costs.

Evaporation Concentration Method

This method evaporates the water content in the juice using heat. The high heat can reduce the nutritional value and flavor of the fruit, so additional food flavorings are used to enhance the flavor of the concentrated juice. The advantage here is lower processing costs. The key to a delicious beverage lies in the concentration formula of the juice manufacturer, as well as aligning with the product's positioning and demand. Concentrated juices are usually sold in bulk, and there are two main types of fruit juices in the market: 100% pure fruit juice and regular fruit juice drinks. Take starfruit juice as an example: the main ingredient is starfruit extract, and the secondary ingredients include water, aspartame, flavorings, and colorings. Therefore, it is not 100% pure fruit juice. For non-fruit juice beverages, the amount of extracting solvent used may be different from traditional methods. Thus, for non-fruit juice drinks, the best taste and flavor may not necessarily be 100% pure. It depends on the juice manufacturer's product positioning and demand.


Advantages of Concentrated Juice

The use of concentrated liquid is quite common in the importation of raw materials. The primary reason for converting fresh fruit juice into concentrated juice is cost-saving. However, cost-saving in this context doesn't mean cutting corners or reducing the amount of fruit used. Fruit juice manufacturers aim to save on the "water" content of the juice. Here are the advantages of processing and extracting juice into concentrated form:

Advantage 1

Water is heavy, and transportation costs, whether domestic logistics or international shipping, are significant considerations for manufacturers. Cheaper land and sea transportation, not to mention air transportation, are all cost considerations.

Advantage 2

Water occupies a significant volume. Concentrated juice has less moisture compared to fresh fruit juice, reducing storage costs.

Advantage 3

Food items with high water content are prone to spoilage and the growth of microorganisms.

Wholesale Fruit Juice Recommendations

One of the advantages of our concentrated juice is that it contains the original fruit pulp. When communicating with our research and development team, we aim to restore the most natural appearance of fresh juice in front of customers. When you purchase our products, our professional team will provide you with instructions on achieving the perfect dilution ratio, allowing you to create fresh juice with the original fruit's color and flavor.


We have been in the fruit juice wholesale business for many years, offering a variety of concentrated juice options. Whether you have small-scale needs or you're starting a new venture that requires product development and research, feel free to inquire with us. We also provide a reputable HAPPETIT Original Drink Series, known for its distinctive fruit pulp characteristics. We offer custom ingredient services to tailor unique fruit juices to your specific needs.

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