Since 2018


Since its establishment, SKYAURANT International Food Co., Ltd. has been primarily engaged in various dessert and beverage ingredients, savory food ingredients, as well as providing guidance for opening food establishments.

Business Philosophy

Toward Internationalization

SKYAURANT owns the brands including "FRUTA ISLAND," "CHEW FUN," and "HESTON" making us not only a valued partner for major domestic dining brands, but also enabling Taiwanese brands to venture onto the international stage.

SKYAURANT is committed to providing exceptional services to both domestic and international clients. Guided by our core values of professionalism, innovation, safety, and trustworthiness, we continuously strive to explore new technologies and products. We actively expand our presence in domestic and international dining markets, while also introducing high-quality international goods and ingredients. This allows us to offer customers a diverse and premium range of options, enhancing the multifaceted nature of their culinary experiences. Our goal is to be recognized as the most trusted and esteemed partner in our clients' eyes.


Endless Pursuit of Goals

SKYAURANT boasts a team passionate and proficient in the art of desserts, consistently exploring novel production techniques and developing innovative recipes. Committed to delivering the utmost in culinary delight to our clients, we enable you to craft astonishing gastronomic experiences with the highest quality ingredients.


Utmost Commitment

SKYAURANT understands the paramount importance of food safety to every consumer. Therefore, we adhere to stringent quality management and standards, meticulously selecting the finest ingredients from the source. Throughout the manufacturing process, we rigorously implement hygiene and safety measures, ensuring that we provide you with the most reliable and trusted food materials for your peace of mind.


Established Customer Connections

SKYAURANT firmly believes that establishing long-term partnership relationships requires a foundation of mutual trust and effective communication. We collaborate closely with our clients, placing their needs at the core and continuously improving our products and services. We understand that your trust in us is rooted in our steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality and dependable food materials.

Join Us

We sincerely invite you to join us as a partner and guide clients from the present into the future.
Our partnership program symbolizes our commitment to you, offering a collaborative experience that is predictable, profitable, and pioneering.