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Sự miêu tả

  • Thời hạn sử dụng: 12 tháng
  • Bảo quản: Bảo quản nơi khô ráo, thoáng mát, tránh ánh nắng trực tiếp.
  • Quy cách đóng gói: 1,5 kg/chai, 10 chai/thùng
  • Thành phần: Hàm lượng trái cây (bột & nước trái cây) 40-50%; với bột giấy, chất rắn dạng hạt và độ đặc cao hơn.

Preparation of Pineapple Pulp Fruit

By adding the appropriate amount of pineapple pulp fruit to the ingredients and thoroughly mixing, you can prepare dishes or beverages that feature the aroma and flesh of pineapple.


Application of Pineapple Pulp Fruit

Pineapple pulp fruit can be used in various types of cuisine and is very convenient to prepare. It is particularly suitable for making pineapple fruit tea, pineapple smoothies, shaved ice toppings, and can also be paired with sandwiches, pancakes, bread, or used as a sauce in meat dishes.


Pineapple Pulp Fruit Recipe Ideas

Pineapple Espresso Romano

The pineapple Espresso Romano will give off an aromatic coffee flavor with the fruity taste of pineapple. The rich flavor of coffee blended with light sparking and fresh pineapple pulp fruit will make you want to take a bite after a bite! The preparation of pineapple Espresso Romano is very simple. Follow the steps below and try making it yourself!

Ingredients Directions
50g pineapple pulp fruit
20ml espresso
240ml sparkling water
70g ice cubes
1-2 mint leaves
Step 1: Add ice cubes and pineapple pulp fruit to the glass.
Step 2: Pour in the espresso and sparkling water in order, then stir well.
Step 3: Top with mint leaves to finish.


The amount of pineapple pulp fruit can be adjusted according to personal taste and preference. If you like a more mild pineapple flavor in your sparkling coffee, consider lowering the amount of pineapple pulp fruit or adding 1-2 pieces of pineapple to the drink to enhance the pineapple aroma.



It is recommended to consume the Pineapple Sparkling Ice Americano within 2 hours after preparation. If you cannot consume it in a short time, you can store it in the refrigerator.


Pineapple Aiyu Green Tea

Pineapple Aiyu Green Tea is full of flavorful pineapple and rich tropical fruit. At first sip, you can feel the perfect blend of sweet pineapple and green tea flavors, just like walking through a tea garden and an orchard. The combination of pineapple pulp fruit and chewy lemon-flavored aiyu further enhances the taste experience.

Ingredients Directions
70g pineapple pulp fruit
100g lemon aiyu powder
250ml water
300ml jasmine green tea
70g ice cubes
Step 1: Boil the water and turn off the heat, then pour in the lemon aiyu jelly powder.
Step 2: After mixing well, pour into molds and place in the refrigerator to set.
Step 3: Add ice cubes, pineapple pulp fruit, and the set lemon aiyu jelly into a glass.
Step 4: Pour in the green tea and stir well to finish.


When making lemon aiyu, you can choose to pour it into small square shaped molds, so that you can use it directly after it is shaped. Or you can pour it into a larger tray and cut it into small pieces after it is set.

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If you don't want to consume it or use it to make drinks immediately, it is recommended to store it in an airtight container and keep it refrigerated!


Pineapple BOLU

Pineapple BOLU contains BOLU, fresh and sweet pineapple pulp fruit, and sweet jasmine green tea. The smooth tea paired with pineapple pulp fruit and the chewy texture of BOLU add layers of texture to the beverage. BOLU itself is sweet, and when added to jasmine green tea, it enhances the drink with a more natural sweet flavor. Pineapple BOLU is a widely beloved pineapple-flavored drink!

Ingredients Directions
60g pineapple pulp fruit
65g konjac bolu
70g ice cubes
250ml jasmine green tea
Step 1: Place the konjac BOLU and ice cubes into a glass.
Step 2: Mix the pineapple pulp fruit with jasmine green tea until well combined, then pour into the glass to finish.


Konjac BOLU is soaked in syrup, so it naturally has a sweet taste. Pineapple pulp fruit also carries the natural sweet flavor of pineapple. It is recommended not to add extra fructose or syrup to the drink, to avoid making the pineapple BOLU taste too sweet and cloying.

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The storage method for konjac BOLU is quite simple. After use, just seal it properly and store at room temperature. Remember not to keep it in the freezer to avoid poor texture.


Pineapple Iced Tea

Pineapple iced tea is a unique beverage. It combines pineapple pulp fruit, green tea and honey with a hint of lemon flavor. Not only can you enjoy the fragrance of the fruit, but the refreshing green tea makes it a top choice for a cooling drink. A cup of pineapple iced tea can give you the cheerful mood of a tropical island vacation.

Ingredients Directions
65g pineapple pulp fruit
300ml green tea
70g ice cubes
15g honey
1-2 lemon slices
Step 1: Place the ice cubes into a glass.
Step 2: Mix the pineapple pulp fruit and honey with green tea, then pour into the glass.
Step 3: Top with lemon slices to finish.


Lemon slices in the pineapple iced tea can enhance the fruity aroma of the drink. If you want a more pronounced lemon flavor, consider adding a little lemon syrup.

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After using the pineapple pulp fruit, be sure to seal it properly and store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Pineapple Milk Panna Cotta

Pineapple milk panna cotta is made from panna cotta and pineapple pulp fruit. The pineapple milk panna cotta is topped with golden pineapple pulp fruit, giving it a beautiful painting appearance. When tasted, one can experience the smooth blend of the creamy panna cotta and pineapple pulp fruit. The rich panna cotta, infused with the sweet and tangy flavor of pineapple, offers an intoxicating taste experience.

Ingredients Directions
65g pineapple pulp fruit
100g milk panna cotta powder
100g cream
250ml milk
Step 1: Pour milk, cream, and milk panna cotta powder into the mixing container.
Step 2: Heat and stir the mixture, then turn off the heat and strain the liquid.
Step 3: Pour the strained liquid into molds and let it cool at room temperature before refrigerating.
Step 4: Remove the set panna cotta from the molds, top with Pineapple pulp fruit, and it's ready to serve.


When making the panna cotta, be sure to follow the specific proportions for the milk panna cotta powder: cream: milk = 1:1:2.5. This ensures that the panna cotta sets properly and avoids it being too hard or failing to set.

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It is recommended to consume the Pineapple Milk Panna Cotta immediately after making it. If you are not going to eat it right away, you can store it in the refrigerator for about 2 to 3 hours.