Fruit Syrup

Lemon Syrup

Product introduction
Lemon syrup carries a fresh lemon aroma.
It has a fresh and natural flavor.
Suitable for making juices, fruit teas, yogurts, cocktails, desserts, etc.


  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Packaging: 2.5 kg per bottle, 6 bottles per box
  • Ingredients: Contains 10-20% juice and concentrated juice.

Preparation of Lemon Syrup

Adding an appropriate amount of lemon syrup to beverages or desserts and thoroughly mixing it to get a lemony flavor and taste in drinks and dishes.


Application of Lemon Syrup

Lemon syrup has a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of beverages, desserts, ices and other dishes. In addition, lemon syrup is also suitable for use in combination with different fruit syrups and pulp fruits, such as passion fruit pulp fruit, pineapple syrup, etc.


Lemon Syrup Recipe Ideas

Passion Fruit Lemon Green Tea

Passion Fruit Lemon Tea


Passion Fruit Lemon Green Tea is refreshing in both appearance and flavor. The drink itself is made from fresh lemon syrup and passion fruit, offering a sweet and sour juice. The tart and sweet juice, combined with the cool ice and mint flavor, makes each sip feel very light and refreshing. Drinking Passion Fruit Lemon Tea is both healthy and cooling on hot summer days.

Ingredients Directions
60ml lemon syrup
30g passion fruit pulp
250ml green tea
80g ice cubes
1-2 slices lemon slices
1 mint leaf
Step 1: Place ice cubes in the glass.
Step 2: Mix the lemon syrup, passion fruit pulp, and green tea evenly, then pour the mixture into the glass.
Step 3: Garnish with lemon slices and a mint leaf to finish.


Passion fruit lemon tea is a bit sour according to the above recipe. If you want it to be sweeter, you can add a little honey or syrup and stir it well with the base drink.

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If lemon slices are prepared in advance for the passion fruit lemon tea, they should be stored in a sealed bag or an airtight container and then refrigerated for a short time to prevent oxidation.


Osmanthus Honey Lemon with Honey Jelly Cake

Osmanthus Honey Lemon with Honey Jelly Cake


Osmanthus Honey Lemon with Honey Jelly Cake is a multi-layered drink that combines sweet honey jelly cake, sour lemon syrup, and osmanthus syrup. This drink is not overly sweet; the natural floral fragrance and sweetness of the osmanthus syrup appropriately balance the sourness of the lemon syrup. The chewy texture of the honey jelly cake further enhances the rich taste experience of the Osmanthus Honey Lemon with Honey Jelly Cake.

Ingredients Directions
30ml lemon syrup
60ml osmanthus syrup
800ml water
200g ice cubes
50ml honey
100g jelly cake powder
1-2 lemon slices
Step 1: Add the jelly cake powder to hot water and stir evenly, then mix in the honey until well combined.
Step 2: Remove from heat, add honey and stir well.
Step 3: Pour into molds and refrigerate to set.
Step 4: Put honey jelly cake and ice in a glass.
Step 5: Mix 250ml of boiling water with lemon syrup and osmanthus syrup until well blended.
Step 6: Pour the base drink into the glass and top with lemon slices.

Osmanthus Honey Lemon with Honey Jelly Cake Recipe



The honey jelly cake in osmanthus honey lemon with honey jelly cake is the soul of the drink. Before making it, it's essential to prepare the ingredients according to the recommended ratio (jelly cake powder, water, and honey = 1:5.5:0.5). Increasing the amount of water can result in a softer honey jelly cake.

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It's recommended to store lemon syrup and osmanthus syrup in a dry and cool place. Honey jelly cake and lemon slices prepared before cooking should be kept in a sealed container to prevent the ingredients from spoiling.


Lemon Strawberry Sparkling Drink

Lemon Strawberry Sparkling Drink


Before drinking Lemon Strawberry Sparkling Drink, you will experience the natural aroma of lemon and the sweetness of strawberries pervading the beverage. Lemon Strawberry Sparkling Drink has a rich flavor that combines the sourness of lemon syrup with the sweetness of strawberries, and the grainy bubbles make it seem like a lively summer event.

Ingredients Directions
30ml lemon syrup
50ml strawberry syrup
250ml sparkling water
120g ice cubes
80g diced strawberries
2-3 lemon slices
1 mint leaf
Step 1: After cutting the strawberries into small pieces, put the diced strawberries and ice cubes into a glass.
Step 2: Mix the lemon syrup, strawberry syrup, and sparkling water evenly.
Step 3: Pour the mixed base beverage into the glass.
Step 4: Garnish with lemon slices and a mint leaf.


The recipe suggests using 30ml of lemon syrup, so that the lemon aroma will be more obvious and the flavor will be a little sweeter. You can adjust the amount of lemon syrup used in the recipe. If you don't like too much sourness, it is recommended to add about 15ml of lemon syrup.

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Diced strawberries and lemon slices will oxidize easily when they come into contact with air, so put them in a Ziploc bag to insulate them from the air as much as possible before making the base drink.


Lemon Jelly Cake

Lemon Jelly Cake has a light lemon fruit flavor and a smooth, chewy texture that makes it a great topping for beverages or as a stand-alone treat for afternoon tea. Want to make a delicious lemon jelly cake? Follow the steps below to make it!

Ingredients Directions
50ml lemon syrup
100g jelly cake powder
500ml water
Step 1: Add the jelly cake powder to hot water and stir evenly, then mix in the lemon syrup until well combined.
Step 2: Pour the mixture into a mold and spread it to an appropriate thickness.
Step 3: Cool at room temperature and place in the refrigerator.
Step 4: Remove from the refrigerator when it is set.


According to the recipe above, using 500ml of water will create a lemon jelly cake with a moderately chewy texture. If you plan to consume it as a standalone dish, it is recommended to follow the recipe as is. If you want to serve it with drinks and add ice cubes to the drinks, it may make the texture of the jelly cake hard, so it is recommended to increase the proportion of water to balance the hardness of the jelly cake.

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After making the lemon jelly cake, try to cut it into small pieces and put them in an airtight jar or plastic bag for better preservation. If you plan to refrigerate the lemon jelly cake for freshness, it's recommended not to refrigerate it for more than 4 hours to prevent it from becoming too hard.


Lemon Brown Sugar Jelly

Looking for a simple but tasty dessert for afternoon tea, but don't like the way lemon jelly tastes? Lemon Brown Sugar Jelly offers a unique flavor. The somewhat sour lemon jelly and rich brown sugar jelly produce a sweet, yet not overwhelmingly rich, taste. It will have you going back for more!

Ingredients Directions
40ml lemon syrup
40ml brown sugar syrup
1000ml water
200g jelly powder
Step 1: Prepare the lemon jelly and brown sugar jelly separately. Boil 500ml of water for each, then turn off the heat.
Step 2: Separately add jelly powder to each and mix with either lemon syrup or brown sugar syrup until well combined.
Step 3: Boil the mixtures again, then turn off the heat and pour into molds.
Step 4: Once set, remove from the molds and they are ready to be served.

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Making lemon jelly and brown sugar jelly separately allows for a better appreciation of the distinct flavors and characteristics of each jelly. However, if you want to make it easier and faster, you can add lemon syrup and brown sugar syrup to the jelly powder at the same time.

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After the jelly is made, it must be stored in a sealed container and kept in a cool place. If you are concerned about the lemon brown sugar jelly spoiling at room temperature, it is recommended to keep it in the refrigerator for a short period of time.