Fruit Syrup

Rasberry Syrup

Product introduction
Made from fresh raspberries.
Raspberry syrup has a naturally sweet and fragrant flavor.
It features a rich berry aroma and vibrant fruit color.
Ideal for mixing in juices, fruit teas, yogurts, cocktails, and desserts.


  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Storage: Place in a cool, dry, and clean environment. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Packaging: 2.5 kilograms per bottle, 6 bottles per case.
  • ngredients: Fruit juice, concentrated juice 10-20%.

Preparation of Rasberry Syrup

The use of raspberry syrup is very simple. It is ready to be consumed after adding it to the desired dish or beverage to add the aroma of raspberries and stirring fully.


Application of Raspberry Syrup

Adding raspberry syrup to food can give it a sweet and tangy taste. Raspberry syrup can be used to make drinks like fruit tea, iced tea, and fruit juice because of its unique fruity aroma. It also pairs well with making desserts like yogurt and pudding.


Rasberry Syrup Recipe Ideas

Raspberry Cloud Foam Smoothie

Raspberry Cloud Foam Smoothie


Raspberry Cloud Foam Smoothie is a perfect beverage for summer. The raspberry syrup emits a rich and sweet raspberry aroma, complemented by the refreshing scent of mint and lemon, along with the creamy taste of milk. The smooth texture of the smoothie and the milk foam mix perfectly with the raspberry syrup and milk panna cotta to make a layered, cool, and slightly tart flavor.

Ingredients Directions
50ml raspberry syrup
200g ice cubes
200g milk foam powder
100g fresh cream cheese powder
200g butter
550g fresh milk
50g raspberries
1 lemon slice
2 mint leaves
Step 1: Prepare the milk panna cotta by pouring milk, butter, and milk panna cotta powder into a mixing container, then heat and stir until well combined.
Step 2: Strain the well-mixed liquid and pour it into a mold, letting it cool at room temperature before placing it in the refrigerator.
Step 3: Pour milk foam powder into a blender, add butter and fresh milk, and blend until smooth.
Step 4: Place ice cubes in a blender, add raspberry syrup, and blend into a slush. Set aside.
Step 5: Pour the raspberry slush and the milk panna cotta into a glass.
Step 6: Add milk foam, mint leaves, and a lemon slice for decoration.


It is recommended to cut milk panna cotta into chunks for easier consumption. In the case of Raspberry Cloud Foam Smoothie, a variety of ingredients and aromatic decorations are added to achieve a rich texture and aroma. If you prefer the natural creamy and fruity flavors of the beverage, the addition of mint leaves and lemon slices can be considered more selectively.

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After preparing the milk panna cotta and milk foam, you can temporarily store them in a container, seal it tightly, and refrigerate for later use. It is important to note that milk foam should not be left overnight for setting and storage, as it may result in a deterioration of its texture and taste.


Strawberry Raspberry Fruit Tea

Strawberry Raspberry Fruit Tea


For those who love berry beverages, you must try making a glass of Strawberry Raspberry Fruit Tea! The aroma of strawberries and raspberries, combined with lemon slices, allows you to savor the fresh and sweet-sour taste of berries with every sip.

Ingredients Directions
20ml raspberry syrup
20ml strawberry syrup
300ml black tea
50g raspberries
70g strawberries
1-2 mint leaf
150g ice cubes
2 to 3 lemon slices
Step 1: Place ice cubes, raspberries, and strawberries at the bottom of the glass.
Step 2: After shaking well, pour the mixed raspberry syrup, strawberry syrup, and black tea into the glass.
Step 3: Add lemon slices, mint leaves, and strawberries for decoration.


The preparation method for Strawberry Raspberry Fruit Tea is quite flexible. The amounts of raspberry syrup, strawberry syrup, raspberries, and strawberries can be adjusted according to preferences.

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Mint leaves can be kept temporarily in water after being plucked. It's recommended to wash and slice fresh fruits before storing them in an airtight container. To ensure freshness, briefly place the container in the refrigerator.


Raspberry Mint Sparkling Drink

Want a refreshing sparkling drink for hot summer days? Simply choose Raspberry Mint Sparkling Drink! Raspberry syrup, mint, and sparkling water make a sweet and delightful drink. The rich taste will keep you sipping, making it ideal for beating the summer heat.

Ingredients Directions
50ml raspberry syrup
10ml mint syrup
350ml sparkling water
150g ice cubes
60g raspberries
1-2 mint leaves
Step 1: Place raspberries and ice cubes in the glass.
Step 2: Add raspberry syrup and mint syrup to sparkling water, and stir well.
Step 3: Garnish with mint leaves, and it's ready to enjoy!


Before making the drink, refrigerate sparkling water if you like its refreshing taste. This will increase carbonation, making the drink more chilled and enjoyable!

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All Raspberry Mint Sparkling Drink base beverages, fruits, and decorations should be refrigerated. It's important to note that washed raspberries should not be stored overnight, as there is a possibility of deterioration.


Raspberry Lychee Smoothie

The Raspberry Lychee Smoothie has a unique and layered flavor. It mixes the sweetness of lychee, the smoothness of smoothie, and the tanginess of raspberry syrup. Its cold texture combined with a mix of sweet and tart fruits makes for a delightfully pleasant aroma that is both refreshing and thirst-quenching. It just takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and enjoy this delicious and flavorful Raspberry Lychee Smoothie!

Ingredients Directions
20ml raspberry syrup
20ml lychee syrup
50g raspberries
50g lychees
350g ice cubes
1 lemon slice
Step 1: Place ice cubes, raspberry syrup, and lychee syrup in a blender and blend until smooth.
Step 2: Pour the mixture into a cup and add raspberries and lychee fruit.
Step 3: Garnish with a lemon slice, and it's ready to enjoy.


When making the smoothie, in addition to adding raspberry syrup and lychee syrup, you can also include raspberries and lychees. This increases the smoothie's fruity scent, and the fruit chunks offer a delicious texture.

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After removing ice cubes from the freezer, make the smoothie instantly. Drink the Raspberry Lychee Smoothie immediately after making it.


Berry Honey Milk Panna Cotta

Looking for a rich, sweet, and sour treat to enjoy on a summer afternoon? For tea time, the Berry Honey Milk Panna Cotta is the best pick. The smooth Panna Cotta and the fruity smell of raspberries and cranberries mix well together, and the strong sweetness of honey fills your mouth, making it impossible to resist!

Ingredients Directions
40ml raspberry syrup
20ml cranberry syrup
1-2 tablespoons honey
100g milk panna cotta powder
100g butter
250ml milk
30g raspberries
15g cranberries
Step 1: Place milk, butter, and milk panna cotta powder in the preparation container
Step 2: Heat and stir the mixture, then strain the resulting liquid.
Step 3: Add raspberry syrup and cranberry syrup, and mix well.
Step 4: Let it cool at room temperature, then refrigerate to set.
Step 5: Remove the molded berry panna cotta, sprinkle honey on top, and garnish with raspberries and cranberries. Finished.


To ensure the perfect fusion of the fruity aroma and texture of raspberries and cranberries with the panna cotta, the best approach is to follow the above-mentioned steps and incorporate the fruit syrup into the panna cotta mixture before it sets. Alternatively, preparing the panna cotta first and then layering raspberry and cranberry syrups on top is also a highly recommended method.

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The Berry Honey Milk Panna Cotta can be enjoyed either at room temperature or chilled. For storage, it is recommended to use a sealed container and refrigerate. Make sure the washed berries are completely drained before adding them to the Panna Cotta to avoid changing the texture of the dessert.