Fruit Syrup

Apple Syrup

Product introduction
Made from fresh green apples and has high apple juice.
Ingredients: Fructose, green apples, and concentrated fruit juice 10-20%
Juice syrup tastes sweet, fruity, and fragrant.
Gorgeous and delicious taste, sweet and sour and not greasy.
Easy to season with cocktails or mocktails.
Suitable for jams, jellies, drinks, fruit juice, flavor tea, yogurt, smoothies, cocktails, bartending, and other drinks. It can also be added to baked desserts.
2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)*6 Bottles/Carton


  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Storage: Place in a cool, dry, and clean environment. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Packaging: 2.5 kilograms per bottle, 6 bottles per case.
  • Ingredients: Fruit juice, concentrated juice 10-20%.

Preparation of Apple Syrup

The preparation of apple syrup is very simple and easy to handle and understand. When preparing beverages and desserts with apple flavor, simply measure the desired amount of apple syrup and add it to the base drink and ingredients, then stir until well combined. Additionally, pouring apple syrup directly onto drinks and dishes is also suitable!

Application of Apple Syrup

Apple syrup has a fresh, natural, and delicious flavor that both adults and children will enjoy and love. It is one of the most popular syrup products, perfect for preparing a variety of beverages and dishes such as fruit juices, fruit tea, yogurt, cocktails, iced tea, and desserts.

Apple Syrup Recipe Ideas

Apple Black Tea

Apple Black Tea


The Apple Black Tea features the aroma of tea, apple syrup, konjac BOLU, and a garnish of mint leaves on top, creating a unique and layered flavor. The enchanting fragrance of black tea emanates from the beverage. Upon the first sip, you'll initially experience the rich tea flavor, followed by the gradual unfolding of the apple notes in the tea aroma. Finally, the chewy texture of konjac BOLU, paired with its sweet sensation, enriches every sip, making both the beverage and its ingredients exceptionally indulgent.

Ingredients Directions
60ml apple syrup
200ml black tea
80g konjac BOLU
Amount of apple dices
1 mint leaf
Ice as needed
Step 1: Place ice cubes.
Step 2: Layer the konjac BOLU on the bottom.
Step 3: Pour in the black tea.
Step 4: Add apple syrup and stir well.
Step 5: Dice the apple, slice, and decorate with a mint leaf.


When preparing, it is recommended to add ice cubes and konjac BOLU to the container first to effectively prevent splashing when pouring in the beverage. If you prefer a less sweet drink and want to emphasize the natural sweetness of the tea, you can further reduce the proportion of apple syrup. If the apple aroma is not sufficient, feel free to add some diced apples, which complement the flavor nicely.

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The basic storage for apple black tea is refrigeration. If the beverage does not contain ice, it can be left at room temperature for a slightly longer period of time. Additionally, it is important to avoid leaving it in excessively hot environments for an extended period.


Apple Pudding

Apple Pudding captures the essence of apple scent in every bite by fusing the silky texture of the pudding with the fresh sweetness of apples. Soft pudding and apple syrup combine in perfect harmony and balance to produce a delicious and rich flavor. This dessert is a favorite among both adults and kids, making it ideal for afternoon sweets or after-meal indulgence!

Ingredients Directions
40ml apple syrup
100g pudding powder
550ml water
Diced apples as needed
Step 1: Bring water to a boil, turn off heat, add pudding powder, stir well, bring to a boil again, then turn off heat.
Step 2: After cooling, pour into molds and refrigerate to set.
Step 3: Once set, top the pudding with apple syrup and diced apples. Finished.


The typical ratio for pudding is pudding powder to water in a 1:5.5 ratio. Adding a moderate amount of apple syrup imparts a subtle apple flavor to the pudding. For a richer texture, try incorporating diced apples into the pudding mixture during preparation.

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After making apple pudding, refrigerate it and let it chill for about 20 minutes before consumption. This enhances the refreshing texture and brings out the sweet, crisp apple flavor. If not consumed immediately, you can still store it in the refrigerator for later enjoyment!


Mint Apple Iced Tea

On a hot summer day, indulge in a cup of Mint Apple Iced Tea for a refreshing experience. This delightful blend combines the coolness of mint with the sweetness of apple, creating a drink that emanates the refreshing essence of mint with the natural flavor of apple syrup. With each sip, you'll first smell the delicious apple and then feel the coolness of the mint, which will quench your thirst and give you a satisfied, pleasant feeling.

Ingredients Directions
60ml apple syrup
10ml mint syrup
300ml green tea
1-2 mint leaves
Ice cubes as needed
Diced apples as needed
Step 1: Mix mint syrup and apple syrup into green tea and stir.
Step 2: Place ice cubes and diced apples in a cup.
Step 3: Pour the mixed drink into the cup.
Step 4: Garnish with mint leaves. Finished.


Mint syrup is added to enhance the refreshing flavor of the beverage, and the quantity should not be excessive. Mint syrup adds richness to the texture, while mint leaves contribute to a fresh aroma, increasing the overall coolness.

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The beverage should not be stored for longer than three hours because the apple cubes have the potential to oxidize and severely change texture. Refrigeration is advised for short-term drink storage.


Apple Panna Cotta

Apple Panna Cotta mixes the richness of creamy panna cotta with the fresh taste of apples. The strong smell of milk is matched by the thick, smooth panna cotta layer at the bottom. Adding layers of diced apples and apple syrup on top gives it a tasty and versatile taste. Apple Panna Cotta is the ideal after-meal dessert or to pair with afternoon drinks that are just as delicious!

Ingredients Directions
40ml apple syrup
100g milk panna cotta powder
100g butter
250ml milk
Step 1: Prepare a container for making panna cotta, pour in milk and butter.
Step 2: Add milk panna cotta powder and heat, stirring until smooth.
Step 3: Sift the mixture.
Step 4: Pour the sifted panna cotta liquid into molds, let it cool at room temperature, then refrigerate.
Step 5: Once set, remove the panna cotta from the mold and drizzle with apple syrup.


A small amount of apple syrup added to panna cotta gives the base of Apple Panna Cotta a light apple smell. You could add more apple syrup and diced apples on top of the panna cotta to make it taste richer.

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Apple Panna Cotta can be put in the fridge before eating. When you eat it cold, the smell of the smooth panna cotta and the taste of the sweet apples come through better, and the two flavors mix perfectly.


Apple Pineapple Sparkling Drink

In the summertime, the popular Apple Pineapple Sparkling Drink offers a refreshing blend of natural apple and pineapple sweetness. The sparkling adds to the cool, quenching experience, and the mint gives it a refreshing end. This creates a taste with many layers that you will never forget! Simply follow these easy steps to create your own tasty Apple Pineapple Sparkling Drink!

Ingredients Directions
15ml pineapple syrup
40ml apple syrup
250ml sparkling water
Diced apples as needed
Diced pineapples as needed
1-2 mint leaves
Ice cubes as needed
Step 1: Prepare sparkling water, pour in apple syrup and pineapple syrup, and stir well.
Step 2: Place ice cubes, diced apples, and diced pineapples in a cup.
Step 3: Pour the mixed apple pineapple sparkling water into the cup.
Step 4: Garnish with mint leaves on top.


The quantities of apple syrup and pineapple syrup can be adjusted according to preference. Various fruit syrups can also be used as replacements. Once the fruit syrup has been added to the sparkling water, don't forget to thoroughly swirl it.

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Due to the presence of fresh fruits and ice cubes, which are prone to oxidation, the beverage should not be kept for too long. If concerned about fruit oxidation, consider reducing the amount of diced fruit accordingly.