Osmanthus Syrup

Product introduction
Made from osmanthus flower extract, it has a strong osmanthus flavor.
Ingredients: Fructose, osmanthus extract.
Juice syrup tastes sweet and fragrant, just like the elegant bloom of the flower!
Gorgeous and delicious taste, sweet and savory.
Easy to season with liquid beverages and desserts.
Suitable for osmanthus oolong tea, drinks, flavor tea, cocktails, smoothies, bartending, and other drinks. It can also be added to baked desserts, such as osmanthus bread.
2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)*6 Bottles/Carton


Osmanthus syrup is a sweet, floral-flavored syrup made from osmanthus flower extract, sugar, and water. Osmanthus syrup is commonly used in Chinese and East Asian cuisines; it has a subtle apricot-like flavor. It's a versatile can ingredient that A floral notes to many sweet and savory dishes. SKYAURANT osmanthus syrup is usually applied as a sweetener.