Puree/Pulp Fruit

Peach Pulp Fruit

Product introduction
Made from fresh Taiwan peach and has high peach puree.
Ingredients: Fructose, peach content (pulp & juice) 40-50%.
Pineapple puree has a high pulp content, granular solids, and consistency.
Tastes gorgeous sweet, delicious, fruity, fragrant, not greasy, and moderately sweet and sour.
Easy to season with desserts and milkshakes.
Suitable for drinks, ice products, desserts, and other food preparations, such as pineapple fruit tea, pineapple smoothie, and ice cream sauce, and can also be used with sandwiches, muffins, meat sauces, etc.
1.5 kg *10 Bottles/Carton


Peach puree is a sweet, flavorful syrup with a puree made from peach and sugar. It is often used as a sweetener in beverages and desserts. SKYAURAN peach puree is strictly selected from Taiwan peach which have a fresh, sweet, natural flavor, an elegant and charming aroma, and a rich taste, allowing you to eat the pulp.