Simple Way to Make Honey Lemon Aiyu

Honey Lemon



Number Ingredient Quantity
1 Lemon Juice 40ml
2 Honey 50ml
3 Water 200ml
4 Lemon Aiyu Powder 40g
5 Ice 8/10 of the glass
6 Lemon Slices and Fruit Slices 2-3 slices


Step 1

Sequentially pour lemon juice, honey, water, and add ice to a full glass. Shake until chilled and set aside.


Step 2

Add ice and lemon slices for decoration inside the serving glass.


Step 3

Pour the beverage from Step 1 into the serving glass.


Step 4

Top it off with lemon aiyu and fruit slices for decoration.


Step 5

Honey lemon aiyu is ready.



Enjoy a refreshing, sweet and sour drink on a hot summer day, which replenishes vitamin C and relaxes your mood. Lemon aiyu jelly can be used to create various beverages, frozen treats, and desserts, such as winter melon lemon aiyu drink, honey lemon aiyu, lemon aiyu fresh fruit tea, lemon aiyu shaved ice, and more.

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